Two Timing Teeth EP

by Chase Down Blue

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released August 14, 2015

Produced/Mixed by Micah Tigner
Mastered by Brian Ring



all rights reserved


Chase Down Blue Duluth, Minnesota

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Track Name: Love Nothing
it’s falling all around now and i never even asked why. but i’m still getting punished as if i was asking all the time. just don’t ask anything you don’t want to know. stay in the dark now, they say ignorance is bliss. maybe i should have known it, but i refuse to accept it. don’t expect anything that might let you down. keep your hopes on the floor now, and your sadness in the stars. she’s safer hanging there now, than with her back turned in the dark. don’t love anything if you’re giving the choice, i suppose we never are.
Track Name: Telephone Pole
i was just starting to make sense of the static behind my eyelids. then the light turned on and all went red. the bloody death of senseless love unsaid. but i was always too aware anyways. dull the blade; look for worth in shame; love in pain; hide in sleep fast forward the days. i know that it was never really all that bad. how do i miss the sea, i find a reason to miss everything. i had my camera all along, maybe i was just lazy. i never documented anything looking back. guess i just found no moment picturesque. I feel like that old telephone pole covered in nails from the past. call if you find my lost heart (reward) you can have my soul; haven’t needed it so far. and if i do the going rate’s cheap. i saw one just the other day; it was on the street covered in stains, all you had to do was haul it away. i know that you were all i really ever had. i threw it away just as easily. did the dance of hard-headed misery. we’re going down to what’s underneath. so bring on the black: what you left to me. my inheritance it seems. shrouded in shawls made of teeth woven from the past and the ever-let-down of dreams. double barrel double shot always staring me straight in the eye. taps me on the shoulder and reminds me i never really wanted to fly.
Track Name: That Kind of Pain
how strange it is to see you again after all the months of trying to forget. you go walking on by like nothing. history repeats itself i guess. History… history… history… the suns shining bright in my eyes. i always had such a hard time crying; trying so bad but the tears just won’t come. i guess the past few months made me numb. oh, how i’ve waited. oh, how it hurt. the kind of pain you’d stick a needle under your nail just to curb. darkness took me down deep. couldn’t make it light no matter how many watts you’d bring. so turn to the bottle and start chain smoking again. good friends were what i needed in the end. oh, how i’ve waited. oh, how it hurt. the kind of pain you’d put ashes up your nose just to curb. oh, how i’ve waited. oh, how it hurt. the kind of love that makes you walk on water, as long as you knew it was only for her.
Track Name: Two Timing Teeth
now i walk the street, with my steady lonesome feet that always seem to take me to the bar. my two timing teeth say shot of whiskey, please. i can’t seem to drown out my heavy heart. cause my mind it rolls on and on. i mean, i still wonder if you still care for me. i doubt it. well, good for you. i wish you’d just tell me now you did it. cause eternal sunshine if fiction. no, love aint cruel, it’s just you. the worlds not hopeless it’s just hard to cope with. you’ve been defined a waste of space in my mind, why don’t you just pack your things and go. i know it aint that easy girl, i buried you in there deep. i’m hording memories like on tv. i’m so glad it’s been rainy lately. the sun she mocks me with rainbows, bird songs, and the like. let the glasses ring out with countless cheers, and if we get kicked out don’t forget to tell me i’m not welcome back in here. the clarity of the morning, my my my. open up the flood gates again. funny what i choose do drown you with ends up drowning me instead.